Not pumpkin :-D


Short post: My shoots aren’t pumpkin shoots. They’re potatoes!

I’d been wondering myself… they didn’t really look like pumpkin shoots, more like the tomato plants I’ve been seeing around. But they didn’t smell like tomatoes at all, and besides, I don’t much like tomatoes and so couldn’t figure out how the seeds had gotten into the vermicompost. And I really couldn’t think of any other kind of seeds I might have put in (except apple cores, but they really don’t grow like that). Today a wonderful friend of mine came for a quick visit and said straight away, “why, these are potatoes” – and that fits perfectly. I didn’t know those little eyes would grow into feet-long shoots all by themselves if thrown into a compost and neglected completely! Wow. I’m seriously amazed.

So while I’m at it (I honestly cannot write “just a short post”), here’s what’s coming up very soon:

  1. We’re staying at my sister’s place over the weekend, and if the weather permits it at all, I’ll tackle that hugelkultur bed (and take lots and lots of pictures which will then sit around on my phone waiting to be sorted out and posted for another while… but hopefully not too long).
  2. I’ve spent most of my working time this week drawing really good floor plans to scale, and I’ve scanned them already, so that should make my next post.
  3. I’m also set on redoing that moss house number today as that’s been on the list for a few weeks now.
  4. Plus, this wonderful friend of mine had a brilliant idea about roofing options which I’ll also tell you about soon!

End of short post! ;-)