House technology: biomeiler, also known as Jean Pain composting


Pinterest (again) gave me an idea that was so brilliant that I was totally set on experimenting and finding out how to make this work: Namely to not only revitalise the soil by composting but to also make good use of the composting process’s byproducts by cooking with the produced biogas and heat our tap water with the produced heat. Yesterday I googled a little and was thrilled to discover that someone (a Frenchman by the name of Jean Pain) had already done that, thus inventing a compost based bioenergy system called a biomeiler (the internet at least in part seems to be using the German word – please let me know if there is an English equivalent in the comments!). Moreover, there is a German company where they build these things and who can be hired for a workshop. Splendid! This is exactly what I want. A big bin that we dump all our organic waste into, and out comes warm water, cooking gas (I think electric cookers are quite useless) and wonderful terra preta to heal both the soil and the Earth. I LOVE that.

Now go and check it our for yourselves if you''re interested, I have two links for you: some Videos on Jean Pain composting and Native Power’s info on biomeilers in English (said company).