Looking for materials


We are already collecting materials! Much of what we’re going to need exactly is still up in the air, but some things are always useful, and for others it’s just a question of quantity. So in case you are able and willing to help us find stuff, here is a list of

Materials we need

  • clay roof tiles, any kind at the moment
  • pallets, loads and loads (untreated)
  • pieces of lumber, especially bits that can be used as lintels or turned into shelves and other furniture
  • wooden boards as well
  • glass bottles: we will need at least 200 white and 200 coloured with the same diameter, also ones with a square diameter for insulation layers (olive oil bottles for example). We’ll also take all bottles in rare colours such as blue and yellow and red!
  • wattling material, also loads; willow and privet are perfect, but anything long and thin and bendy will do
  • firebrick, any
  • metal drums and barrels, any

That's all for now, I'll keep this list updated! Thank you for reading!