I’m still alive!


Yeah, well. I’ll try to keep this one short and get it online as quickly as possible instead.

Much has happened in the last year, not much in regards to my building plans and wishes though. Family life had been keeping me super busy already, and then the whole Corona chaos happened right on top of that. While I really can’t complain personally, it still has been the wildest ride! And I feel like I have hardly had a moment to catch my breath for months now.

the dysfunctional foundation of the outdoor kitchenas you can see, my sister is a lot more productive!the overgrown plot – can you spot the compost and the pallet bed?

Anyway first off I really need to say this: If you’re one of the people whose emails are STILL sitting in my inbox, I am so so sorry! I promise you haven’t been forgotten, and I am determined to answer all of you, like, very soon.

Some other announcements

In no particular order:

Website relaunch imminent

I am relaunching this whole website, for reasons. Won’t happen before October or so, and it’s likely there will also be no new posts until then. (As you can see I’m trying to be realistic here.)

Outdoor kitchen frustration

My outdoor kitchen project didn’t take off last year. Something happened and then winter came early, so I left it last year as a huge pile of ready mixed cob next to a small, experimentally built bit of wall. The cob has crumbled to bits by now, of course, and my lime mortar turned out to be no good (wrong kind of sand I think). Not the end of the world of course, but I basically have to start over. I am currently frustrated and in a bit of a slump.

I shoulda started mowing

… like, three weeks ago! But so far I’ve taken the scythe out once, to quickly cut a small path to the compost heap and through to the pallet bed (which incidentally is absolutely thriving with stinging nettles). Since then we’ve had quite a bit of rain, stressful family life, and lots of work.

Some good news?

Hm… I got myself a new mobile phone for my birthday this year since my old one’s camera refuses to cooperate any more (and I can’t connect it to my computer either). So now I have this most luxurious Fairphone 3, de-googled and running /e/ instead of regular Android. It’s very nice and I love it! I do think it will make regular blogging a lot easier as well, after the relaunch anyway. But I already wrote half of this post on it so I’m cautiously hopeful. :-)

Also another thing that happened: my sister offered to help me with the outdoor kitchen. And not just in a practical way, but also in planning and thinking and working things out. Which is something I’ve been sorely missing, and it made me very happy. Taking her up on that offer is quite high on my list.