Moss number news: five days later


The day after making the moss house number I got the ladder out again, scraped the last bits of moss from the bottom of the measuring cup, and patched a few more places on the five. The sun was shining that day, and even though this part of the wall is in shade for most of the day (ooohh this is so going to take some looking after in summer!), the moss paste was fairly dry. So I brought the paintbrush out and applied the dirt-and-buttermilk soup to the number, wetting it through (and dripping on the wall again, and cleaning it off moderately well again). The whole thing does stick well to the wall, this much I can say.

moss number, the day aftermoss number, the day after, wetted and patchedmoss number, the day after, detail 1moss number, the day after, detail 2

The next day was quite sunny again, so I went and misted the moss over. The paste does dry a lot more quickly than I would have thought. The last three days had been very rainy, so I didn’t bother to check. However, I noticed from the ground in passing today that the paste’s colour was a lighter green (meaning it had dried), and that there was whitish fluff in a couple of places. Huh? I got the ladder out again, grabbed the sprayer and my smartphone and went to check up close. The moss had really dried through, which surprised me, considering the weather – but then, the rain doesn’t reach this wall. And I do think the fluff must be mould – that makes a lot of sense, since a soggy buttermilky organic matter paste is just what mould loves. Then again, I’m thinking it may not matter or even be beneficial to the moss’s growth, since moss gets along with fungi in the forest pretty well. Natural habitat, like.

I just left the moss and the fluff as is, took a couple of pictures for documentation purposes, and thoroughly sprayed it with water afterwards. I’ll be back in a few more days with news…

moss number on day 5, dry and mouldy (?)moss number on day 5, mould detail 1moss number on day 5, mould detail 2