First finds


Today I’ll make it a short one, since it’s Thursday already: Since I’ve been working on that overview of costs, my intention to use as much recycled or found materials as possible has greatly intensified. On the whole there are quite a few good reasons not to by ready-made stuff and try to make do with used, “waste”, or surplus materials:

Why use reclaimed materials?

  • collected stuff in the shedThey’re a lot cheaper, often for free.
  • Easy on the environment: They don’t go in a landfill AND less new materials have to be produced.
  • They look so much more interesting: unique, original, inspiring.
  • Having to work with odd bits and pieces brings out your creative side – and being creative makes you happy!
  • Making do with what you’ve got also often lets you find solutions for problems you hadn’t even really noticed before.

I do not yet have the time to dedicate myself to digging up cool stuff, but if I happen to pass something interesting I’ll pick it up, of course. A while ago for example I found some sawn off birch logs, lying around in a not really remote but obviously completely disregarded place. And those white barks are sooo lovely! Apparently they’d been lying there for a quite some time, because the two biggest, longest, and thickest logs were too rotten already to be used for anything indoors… but I got a bunch of smaller, shorter ones as well as some long and thin top bits. That’s not much, I know, but it’s a start, and it makes me really happy. :-)

Also pictured: Some long hazel poles that we got from relatives who were tidying their garden. Those are always useful. So now there they are, patiently waiting in the shed for things to come.